Green Barbeque Chicken Bowl

Green Barbeque Chicken Bowl

Hello!! If you are anything like me, you like to keep your dinners simple and easy without sacrificing nutrition or taste! This can be a challenge, so when I find something that fits the bill (and that my family will eat!) I make it on repeat. These BBQ bowls are our current fave!

Serves: 6   


4 Boneless skinless chicken breast

4 Cups Broccoli Crowns

1 Bunch Asparagus

1 Cup Quinoa

1 Bunch Chives

BBQ sauce of choice

Toppings of your choice (for example: sliced avocado, tomato and pepitas).


Cook quinoa according to package directions and set aside. Steam broccoli and asparagus in the same pot on the stove for 8-10 minutes or until vegetables become tender. While veggies are steaming, season chicken to your liking then grill (or cook on stovetop) and shred. Load all into a bowl, garnish with chives and drizzle with BBQ sauce!

To add some more vegetables, you can also add toppings to the bowl. Spinach, avocado, lime, tomato or seeds are easy ways to add some more nutrients!

What are your go-to simple and nutritious dinners?



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