6 Easy Healthy Food Substitutions That Taste Good

6 Easy Healthy Food Substitutions That Taste Good


I am a huge believer in fueling our bodies with clean, healthy and nourishing foods. I am also a HUGE lover of treats and baked goods. I have shared with you before how cleaning up my diet and making healthier choices overall was hands down the hardest part of adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

Though I am constantly learning and growing, I feel I am finally in a healthy place with eating – not necessarily because I ALWAYS eat healthy, but because I have a healthy food MENTALITY. I don’t restrict the foods I love, I simply eat clean most of the time and treat myself in moderation. However, now that I am more aware of what I eat, when I do bake a treat, I love to try and make recipes cleaner by switching out some ingredients! 



Here are 7 of the easiest ways to make your treats cleaner, without skimping on flavor or taste!

Try using:

1.    Whole wheat flour instead of white-enriched flour

2.    Apple sauce instead of oil

3.    Pureed avocado or mashed banana instead of butter

4.    Evaporated skim milk instead of heavy cream

5.    Apple sauce instead of sugar (just reduce liquid by ¼ cup for every 1 cup apple sauce)

6.    Stevia instead of sugar. 

And there are sooo many more! Remember some of these substitutions may work better for some recipes than others, so I would encourage you to do some research if you’re unsure.

Happy baking!



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