Kelsey Wells

I'm Kelsey Wells — personal trainer, wife and mother. Living a healthy lifestyle helps me care for my family better and to feel strong and confident within myself! I love sharing my fitness journey because I know many of you can relate to the experiences that being a mom brings. That includes the day-to-day challenges of balancing responsibilities and finding time to care for yourself. I want to help women of all life stages to nourish and power your body, strengthen your self-love and self-belief through fitness. I want you to know that you can create change for yourself and feel more powerful than ever. I’d love for you to join me on this journey!

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Sculpt Lean Muscle With PWR

Get 36 weeks of targeted hypertrophy workouts using weights, gym equipment and resistance bands!

Post-Pregnancy Program

Ease back into fitness post-pregnancy with my gentle workouts.

The Flexibility You Need

My workouts make it easy to train at your own pace and build up your confidence!

Structured Workouts

Take the confusion out of training with my easy-to-follow workouts and audio cues.