Four Tips to Ease Back Into Fitness After Pregnancy

Four Tips to Ease Back Into Fitness After Pregnancy

One of my most commonly asked questions is “How were you able to get started and actually stick with your exercise program after having your baby?”. I was not active during my pregnancy, and I completely understand the overwhelming and sensitive nature of the postpartum period. Here are my top tips for getting your groove back (or finding it in the first place!) after giving birth. 

1.    Let go of expectations

Your body has been through so many amazing changes over the last year! You might feel pressure from society to “bounce back” quickly. Or maybe you’re putting pressure on yourself to get back to a certain level of strength or to look a certain way. Expectations, no matter the source, can breed comparison and negativity and cause you undue stress. Remember what your body has just done and celebrate that! Instead of beginning your fitness routine to reach expectations, begin with the goal of healing your body and showing it the care and love it deserves. 

2.    Have a plan

Let’s be honest, I DIDN’T stick with exercise at first. Even though I was so excited to be cleared for activity by my midwife at 6 weeks postpartum, it actually took me a good 2 months AFTER that to finally be consistent. What finally clicked? Setting a plan. I took the training program I wanted to use and actually wrote out each week what I would do each day. Planning ahead took the guess work out of figuring out what I should do each day and I found it a lot easier to fit my workout in.



3.    Be committed but flexible

Having a plan is important, but so is being flexible with that plan. Often a mom’s schedule post-pregnancy is pretty much non-existent and you may not have the luxury of working out at the same time every day. What matters is your commitment to getting it done, not how or when you do it. Maybe you wake up early, maybe you stay up late, maybe you utilize precious nap time, maybe you substitute equipment, maybe you modify the exercises, maybe you do half the workout in the morning and finish the other half later because all you can spare is 15 minutes. There is no one right way. Simply do your best to fit it in when and however you can.

4.    Take it one day at a time

It can seem daunting to think long term, so don’t! Each day just focus on completing that day’s workout, then be proud of yourself when you do! Instead of focusing on an end goal, try focusing on a “now” reward. It will take time to see physical changes, but there are many non-physical benefits of exercise that you can enjoy all along your way. 

As always, remember to exercise because you LOVE your body and want to care for yourself! 



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