Tips For Exercising With Kids At Home

Tips For Exercising With Kids At Home

Where my mommas at?? Let’s be honest —working out is a struggle, especially when you have kids. If you go to a gym, it’s a struggle getting the kids ready, getting yourself ready, piling everyone in the car, etc. It can seem like a daunting task just getting out the door! On the other hand, if you choose to workout at home, it’s an even bigger struggle. Everyone needs mom the second she needs 30 minutes to herself, right?
First, I want to say YOU ARE AMAZING, and YOU GOT THIS.

After I began living a healthier lifestyle and made exercise a regular part of my day, I worked out exclusively at home for the first 9 or 10 months. I was nervous to bring Anderson to a childcare center, and I also wanted to save money. The struggle was real, but I made it happen! And so can you.
Here are my biggest tips for exercising from home when you’re a momma:
1.     Find a routine.
Babies and kids thrive off having routines. Figure out the rhythm of your day, and find a time that will work best for you to get your workout in. Depending on your kids’ ages and routines, this might vary. I used to prefer to workout while Anderson napped, but he didn’t always have scheduled naps. I simply had a deal with myself that the first time he fell asleep during the day, I would bust out my workout. It was usually the last thing I felt like doing but I was always glad when I did it!
Once you find where your workout will best fit into your day, prioritize it as much as possible. I used to schedule doctor’s appointments, playdates and everything else around my workout because that was an appointment I had set with myself that I would not compromise on.



2.     Be flexible.
This is a huge one. Even if you are a super organized momma and keep to a routine, and even after following tip #1 and making your workout part of your schedule, YOU ARE A MOM. Which means the only guarantee you have most days is that it will be completely unpredictable. Learn to breathe and be flexible. If your day gets crazy and you miss your normal workout time, commit to getting it done that night after the babes are all in bed. Having that commitment in place is everything.
3.     Involve your kids.
Legit, one of my regular cardio workouts during my first months as a mom was “dance party time” with Anderson. He has always loved music and even when he was a tiny baby I would put on N*SYNC radio and jam out for 40 minutes! I made a complete fool of myself, but I got a GREAT workout in, and he had the best time laughing at me.
When kids are older, play with them! Get outside! Instead of taking them to the park and watching, chase them around! Climb, run and jump just like they do. Going on walks is also amazing with kids of any age! Pushing a stroller is great exercise – as is sprinting back home when your baby starts to freak out (first-time mom stories, haha). The point is to get creative and get active. Teach them the importance of living an active and healthy life by setting an example.
Above all, treat yourself with kindness and give yourself grace. The fact that you are even reading this blog means that you are making an effort at a healthier lifestyle. While the transition into an active life is challenging, especially as a momma, it is totally do-able! 
Take it one day at a time, go at your own pace, and instead of being hard on yourself or feeling like you’re not doing enough, be proud of yourself for what you ARE doing.

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