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Weight Training: Is It Right For You?

Weight Training: Is It Right For You?
Weight Training

It’s no secret that weight training has changed my life.

It’s empowered me and has given me SO much confidence. 

I believe weight training is for anyone who wants to feel STRONG and EMPOWERED, but before you jump into ANY form of exercise you should do your research. 

Is it right for you?

Does weight training align with your fitness goals? 

It’s important to remember that every person, everybody and every fitness routine is different! 

Reasons weight training is right for you 

There are so many reasons why weight training could be right for you.

Perhaps you want to work out at home or try a completely new form of exercise. 

Alternatively, it may be the benefits of muscle gain and fat loss which might be appealing to you. 

Below, I’ve listed some common circumstances and aspirations to help you decide if weight training — and my PWR programs — are right for you.

Build Muscle

You want to build muscle and strength

Weight training is PERFECT for building muscle and strength! 

Simply put, weight training makes your muscles work against a force, so that they increase in size and gradually get stronger.

I promise you, you won’t regret weight training if building muscle and strength is what you want to achieve through fitness.

You want to lose fat and gain muscle 

My PWR programs are geared towards this exactly!

My programs are a form of hypertrophy-based weight training and use a combination of my favorite exercises mixed with proven weight training techniques.

If you want to get into weight training to lose fat and gain muscle, you will LOVE my PWR programs. 

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You want to challenge yourself 

You should be SO proud of yourself. You’re taking steps to better your health and change your life for the better and that’s an amazing thing.

Weight training is the perfect tool to challenge yourself and there is no limit to the goals you can set.

Short term or long term, increased reps or more sets — the list goes on. 

I’ve said this before but I feel like it’s important to share with you all again: your goals should be for YOURSELF and no one else. 

Don’t worry about what people around you are doing. They’re on their journey and you’re on yours.

Focus on your health and your WHY. Why are you doing this? Why now?

I promise you this will lead to you challenging yourself for the right reasons and smashing your goals.

You’ve never picked up a weight in your life

I get it. It can be hard to imagine yourself training with weights if you’ve never picked one up in your life! 

Perhaps you find the weights area of your gym daunting, or perhaps you just don’t know where to start. Either way, I promise you, if you can push through the initial fear, you won’t regret it.

Weight training is SO empowering, but if you’re just starting, it’s important to take it slow. Don’t rush! 

Start with a weight that feels comfortable for you. At first, you’ll be working to learn correct technique and movement patterns. 

As time goes on, you’ll get the chance to build up your weight, reps and sets as you progress.

Remember that everyone starts somewhere.

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You want to make your workouts more social 

Working out with a partner can be really motivating, especially in the early stages of your fitness journey. 

You can learn, inspire and encourage each other, which is such a beautiful thing! 

Or perhaps you already have a friend who does weight training that can support you on your journey?

Either way, working out with someone by your side can make it all a little less daunting.

On a personal note, it’s SO amazing to see women come together, SUPPORT each other and build each other up! That’s what the whole PWR community is about — EMPOWERMENT!

You want to work out at home

Working out at home is a great option for those who can’t get to a gym, would simply prefer to work out in their own space and build confidence at home before entering a gym.

I’ve encountered the perception that you NEED a whole gym to complete a weight training routine. That simply isn’t true! 

PWR at Home is a weight training program designed to increase your strength in the comfort of your home — or in your hotel room if you’re traveling — and requires a small amount of equipment. 

You may already have many of the items for the program at home. If not, they are relatively inexpensive to buy. Some of the essentials include:

  • Bench (Week 5 onwards) 
  • Dumbbells 
  • Resistance band 
  • Skipping rope 
  • Fitball 

You can also make some substitutions. I used to lift a heavy vase when I first started exercising! 

Perhaps you can use a towel instead of a yoga mat? Don’t feel like you need to go out and purchase a lot of equipment to get started.


You want to work out at the gym 

Your workout possibilities in a gym are endless — weight training is definitely something you can accomplish! 

My program, PWR, focuses on hypertrophy training while utilizing gym equipment. Hypertrophy training is a style of resistance training designed to sculpt muscle, burn fat and increase overall fitness. 

Follow the week by week workouts in the SWEAT app and get ready to love all the changes you will feel and see! 

You’re postpartum 

Congratulations, Mama! The female body is SO amazing and you should be SO proud of yourself. 

I feel you and I’ve been there. It can be a really challenging time — and full of the unknown and the unexpected! But it’s so important to take care of yourself.

After the birth of Anderson, I was in a really dark place. Moving my body a little bit every day — which turned into frequent exercise over time and improved health. 

It’s really important to have medical clearance before you start to work out after having a baby. 

Giving birth is a different experience for every woman, but caring for your body and recovering as safely as possible is the most important thing. 

Working out too soon can be harmful to your body, so it’s best to hold off until you have the all-clear from a medical professional. 

After you get the all-clear, you might start with walking and then some light weights. Listen to your body, take it as slow as you need to and build up weight and intensity over time.

Also, feel free to substitute any exercise that you don’t feel comfortable with just yet! 

You have so much time to gradually regain your strength.

Weight Training At Home

You want variety in your fitness routine

Variety in your fitness routine is so important. 

If you feel bored or unmotivated with your fitness routine, you are less likely to see it through.

That’s why it’s SO important to find a workout you love: a workout you’ll look forward to doing and a workout you’ll stick with!

If you want to mix things up, weight training could be for you — so could a lot of things! 

You’ve got nothing to lose by giving weight training a go.

If you decide it’s not for you or not what you imagined, that’s SO fine. Alternatively, if you love it and want to include it in your fitness routine going forward, that’s amazing! 

The incredible thing about exercise is that there are SO many options and styles. 

There’s always something new and exciting to try, so don’t fear trying something you’ve never done before. 

You want to feel the best you’ve ever felt

If you’ve been following my journey, you know I believe in the non-physical benefits of exercise, just as much as the physical benefits (if not MORE!).

I’ve also shared with you all that I felt the non-physical benefits of exercise FAR before I saw any physical changes. 

Results will vary between each person, which is to be expected and totally OK. 

Please don’t compare yourself with anyone around you. You’re on YOUR journey. 

Focus on how you feel on the inside and the physical changes will come in time. 

What are you weighting for?

There are so many benefits to weight training and reasons to give it a go. 

If reading this blog has helped you decide weight training is right for you, I’m SO happy for you.

Better yet, sign up to one of my PWR programs and join the PWR community!

I can’t wait for you to feel STRONG, EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT. 

Kels xx 

* Results from Post-Pregnancy program may vary. Strict adherence to the program is required for best results.

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