Should You be Using Protein Powder?

Should You be Using Protein Powder?

Should You be Using Protein Powder?

Supplementing is one of the most frequently discussed and sometimes controversial topics in the fitness world. When it comes to protein powder, there are so many different kinds, types and flavors — it can be a little overwhelming! 

First and foremost I think it is important to remember that dietary needs vary widely depending on your individual body, goals, intolerances and preferences. You don’t, by any means, NEED to be using protein powder to build muscle or be healthy, however I personally enjoy it!

I supplement with protein powder because I actually enjoy the taste and love creating protein shakes and smoothies. Also, as someone who doesn’t love to cook and eats meat sparingly, I LOVE the convenience of it. However, please note that I use supplements to improve upon an already healthy diet. I do not use supplements as the foundation for my health. They should be used to help improve your nutrient intake, not to fix it. 

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There are numerous types of protein powder supplements and each have their own pros and cons. Protein powders derived from milk include whey protein and casein protein — whey protein can be in isolate or concentrate form, or a blend. There are also some vegan protein powder options available, most of which are based with pea protein. Other protein powder sources include rice, egg, hemp and soy proteins. 

I have tried tons of different types of protein and typically my personal preference is 100% whey isolates. These are easiest for my body to digest and have excellent protein to carb/fat ratios. 

Again remember eating is individual, and supplementing should be just that — a supplement to your healthy balanced diet, if needed. 



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