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How To Mix Up Your PWR Journey

How To Mix Up Your PWR Journey
Mix Up PWR

Are you looking to mix up your PWR fitness routine? Perhaps you want to embark on a new challenge to keep you motivated? Like everything in life, sometimes we crave variety!

Whether it’s boredom, you’ve hit a fitness plateau, or you’re simply curious about changing up your fitness routine, I’ve rounded up some fun and easy ways to do exactly that!

Change up your PWR journey

If you’re looking to add some range to your fitness routine, these tips and tricks will bring a new energy to your workouts!

Smash out PWR 4.0

I’m SO excited to share with you all that PWR 4.0 is here! After so much hard work, it makes me SO happy that the program has officially launched.

With the release of PWR 4.0, you can now do PWR all year round! PWR 4.0 includes an additional 12 weeks of workouts, which means the whole PWR program now spans 52 weeks!

In PWR 4.0 you can expect a third burnout, 12 new challenges and the return of two supersets instead of a single triset (but these supersets are lap-based, as opposed to time-based)!

I’ve REALLY listened to the feedback from you all about how to make this the best program to date, and I hope it leaves you feeling more PWRful than ever!

PWR At Home

Switch from PWR to PWR at Home (or vice versa!)

If you’ve been working hard on either my PWR or PWR at Home, but haven’t tried the other, why not switch it up?

There are many similarities between the programs, which it detail in PWR vs PWR At Home! This is very much intentional (I wanted to keep my PWR at Home program as close to my gym-based program as possible!) and makes it so easy to switch between the two.

You could also choose to do PWR at Home workouts if you’re traveling with access to a gym or simply want to workout at home one day a week.

Change your surroundings

A change in surroundings can reinvigorate and inspire you.

Let me stress that a change in your surroundings doesn’t need to be HUGE.

If you’re following my PWR at Home program, perhaps you can workout in a different area of your home, which is flooded in natural light and full of fresh air to spark your senses.

You might even like to get amongst nature and workout in your backyard?

If you’re following my PWR program and working out in a gym, perhaps you can visit the gym at a different time — and in turn, workout alongside a different crowd.

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Up the ante

Upping the ante of your PWR workouts can be a great way to push yourself that little bit further and mix things up beyond your regular workout.

Can you lift a heavier weight? Can you smash through some increased reps? Can you complete all three burnouts in PWR 4.0? 

Repeat after me: YOU’RE STRONG! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

The trick here is to personalize your goal and keep it relative to YOU and YOUR journey.

Believe in yourself and what your body can do.

The only person you are in competition with is YOURSELF! Keep focused on you and your journey.

Challenge yourself

If you’re smashing through your PWR workouts, I’m SO proud of you.

You’re EMPOWERING yourself through fitness and that’s an amazing thing!

If you want to challenge yourself even more and prove to yourself that you’re as STRONG as ever, I encourage you to take up the More Challenges section in the SWEAT app.

Simply go to the Workout dashboard (in the bottom-left corner of the app), scroll past My Program and Other Programs to Other Workouts. There, just under the heading Challenge, you’ll see the More Challenges section.

Press through and find a challenge that appeals to you! Based on your fitness level and how much you want to challenge yourself, there are basic, intermediate and advanced options.

Partner Workout

Grab a friend

Why not be PWRful with a partner? Working out with a friend can inject new energy into your workouts!

Not only does working out with a partner keep you accountable and on track, they’ll encourage and motivate you to get the most from your workout!

If you have a friend already working out with a PWR program, that’s SO great! That friend is an easy go-to. 

Alternatively, maybe you have a friend who wants to dive into something new and could be the perfect weight training pal for you?

Create your own PWR workout 

If you’ve got some PWR experience under your belt, why not have a crack at creating your our PWR workout?

You can incorporate into the workout exercises you love, challenge yourself within your limits and feel the incredible sense of accomplishment when you finish slaying!

You might also like to look at my Instagram account, where I share new workouts every week for a dose of inspiration! 

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Little things that can make a big difference 

Sometimes little things can make a huge impact!

How long has it been since you’ve listened to some new tunes?

Reinventing your playlist takes only minutes to do, but can have such a MASSIVE impact on your mindset when working out!

If you don’t have a playlist, create one! It will pump you up SO much and excite you as you move through your PWR workout.

Immerse yourself in the PWR community

Out of all the amazing things I’ve accomplished in my career to date, the PWR community is one I hold close to my heart!

If you haven’t yet immersed yourself in the PWR community, I would really ENCOURAGE you to do it!

It’s SO amazing to see SO many women SUPPORT each other and this can have such an impact on your PWR journey!

From sharing your goals and progress, keeping each other accountable, to relishing in the love and support, the PWR community is SO motivating.

Find the PWR community in the SWEAT forum, on my Instagram and my Facebook.

Share PWR your journey with me!

I hope these tips and ideas help you get more from my PWR programs!

Whether you work to further your results by taking up an additional challenge or two in the SWEAT app, take on PWR 4.0 or simply change something up for fun, I’m SO happy you’re a part of the PWR community

Don’t forget to share your PWR journey with me by tagging me on Instagram @kelseywells or hash-tagging #KelseyWellsPWR. It makes me SO happy to see women from all around the world being their most EMPOWERED, STRONG and PWRful selves!

Kels xx

* Results from Post-Pregnancy program may vary. Strict adherence to the program is required for best results.

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