About – Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells

Hi babes! I’m Kelsey — personal trainer, wife and mother. After having my son, Anderson, I started a healthy eating and exercise plan to help me increase my fitness. I couldn’t have known then that it would completely change the course of my life!

I can honestly say improving my overall health and fitness transformed many areas of my life for the better. As a certified personal trainer with additional expertise in post-natal training, I can show you how to empower yourself and strengthen your body.

I want ALL women to feel amazing, both inside and out, and to be totally in love with who they are. You can train alongside me at any stage of your fitness journey, simply choose the program that best suits your goals.

PWR, my gym-based program, is a unique take on weights training to help women sculpt lean muscle. Based on my personal strength-training workouts, PWR will have you reaching new heights and feeling more and more powerful.

Do you prefer to train at home or outside of the gym? I'm so excited to share my new program, PWR at Home — now you can get your strength training workouts done wherever you love to train!

My PWR Post-Pregnancy training program is designed to take you on a journey of empowerment, to regain and strengthen your love for your body, no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in.

Available exclusively in the Sweat app, my training programs include video tutorials, audio cues and instructions for all exercises. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, PWR is here to help you improve your health and power your body.

I truly believe caring for yourself and building self-confidence through a healthy lifestyle is fundamental for feeling unstoppable!

Let me help you to find your power!

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