Kelsey Wells

Hi babes! I’m Kelsey — personal trainer, wife and mother. After having my son, Anderson, I started a healthy eating and exercise plan to help me get my body back. I couldn’t have known then that it would completely change the course of my life!

I can honestly say improving my overall health and fitness transformed many areas of my life for the better. As a certified personal trainer with additional expertise in post-natal training, I can show you how to strengthen both your body and your self-belief.

My PWR Post-Pregnancy training program is designed to take you on a journey of empowerment, to regain and strengthen your love for your body, no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in. I want ALL moms to feel amazing, both inside and out, and to be totally in love with who they are.

My new program called PWR (Power) is a unique take on weights training to help women sculpt lean muscle! Based on my targeted strength-training workouts, PWR will have you reaching new heights and feeling more and more powerful. You’ll be training alongside me with brand new audio cues available for every exercise.  

I truly believe caring for your body and building self-confidence through a healthy lifestyle is fundamental for feeling unstoppable!

Let me help you to find your power!